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Telehealth Psychiatrist.
Get ADHD Diagnosis Today.

Specialising in ADHD, Autism Diagnosis & Treatment over the phone or via video calls.

Telehealth has changed how we get mental health help, especially if you're looking for a Telehealth Psychiatrist for ADHD. Now, you can have a chat with a specialist from the comfort and privacy of your own home, thanks to online therapy and virtual mental health services. Our E-psychiatry and telemedicine are game-changers, making it very easy to book a session with a psychiatrist, even for ADHD diagnosis, therapy and medication. With digital mental health services like telepsychology and internet-based psychotherapy, getting help is more straightforward than ever. Our online mental health practitioners are here to help and provide care for ADHD & Autism patients, making sure that everyone gets the help they need, no matter where they're located in Australia.

Why talking with a Telehealth psychiatrist on the phone might be a better option



Speak with someone who not only has availability within the next week(s) but who also has after hour and weekend appointments available. You will be able to speak with them via phone or computer.  This will eliminate time spent in waiting rooms, traffic and disruption to your life.



We have a number of different practitioners for you to choose from.  We also have both psychologists and psychiatrists for you to speak to, which will provide you with the most accurate assessment outcomes.



Getting an assessment can be expensive. Our goal is to provide the most cost-effective assessment possible. We are able to do this by specialising in this area, having specialist practitioners and refining processes and technologies
over time.

Our Doctors

Get started with a Telehealth Psychologist
or Telehealth Psychiatrist today.


I want to speak to
a psychiatrist.

Duration: 1 Hour 
Outcome: Diagnosis

ADHD Diagnosis.jpg

I want an Autism or
ADHD diagnosis.

Duration: 1.5 Hour Interview

2 Hours On-Line Testing

Report Turnaround: 6 Weeks 

Psychology Counselling.jpg

I want psychological counselling.

Duration: 50-60 minutes

Outcome: Support and symptom management

Dedicated Psychiatrists with years of experience in Autism and ADHD.

Mark Korduba

Dr Ragu

Dr Jha

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Outstanding Quality

Bridging the gap between Psychologists and Psychiatrists for accurate assessments and better treatment outcomes.

Why Telehealth psychiatry?


We provide quick access to psychiatry and psychological assessments for people all over Australia, especially in rural and remote areas.

The model of assessment and treatment that currently exists in Australia is broken. Many Psychiatrists are making life changing mental health diagnoses without enough psychological data and background data. This is where a getting a comprehensive psychological report done first can assist.

Secondly, after people are diagnosed they are not getting enough support in the form of counselling and medication review. This is where obtaining counselling and seeing a psychiatrist regularly can help.

Thirdly, many people in Australia, especially those in rural areas are having to wait many months, sometimes years to gain access to psychiatrists for diagnosis. This is where telehealth and this service is helpful. Our goal for this service is that you will be seen by someone within 1-2 weeks of
initial enquiry.

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