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Psychological Assessment

Autism and ADHD Assessment

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Psychologist to conduct a
1.5-hour clinical interview

During the interview the psychologist will go through your background and current day functioning. They will want to know about traumatic life events, your schooling, romantic relationships, your current symptoms and struggles with ADHD, drugs and alcohol, friendships, work etc.

You will also be provided with the DIVA screening interview questions. The psychologist will usually do this at the start of the interview. It will provide them with a general sense as to where you are likely to fit on the ADHD continuum. You can learn more about DIVA by clicking here.

N.B., a lot of information is covered in a short period of time for the purposes of the report. Please note this is not counselling. Many people after completing the assessment would benefit from counselling and it is something that is offered to all people who use this service.

Then the psychologist will conduct a semi-structured behavioural interview to assess your level of autism functioning.  The test that is used is called the MIGDAS.  Please see link below for more information:


The test will take approximately 45 – 60 minutes to complete.

Step 1

Completion of online Psychometric Tests

At the end of the session the psychologist will send out a number of different psychometric tests for completion that the individual can do in their own time. Total test time is approximately 2 hours. Tests can be completed over multiple sessions. Tests cover the following topics:


  • Cognitive Testing

  • Mental Health Screening

  • Disability Screening 

  • Personality Testing

  • ADHD Testing

  • Autism Screening


The aim of the testing is to not only test for ADHD but to give a broad picture of the person’s cognitive and psychological functioning. It is very important the Psychologist & Psychiatrist has this picture so that they are able to confidently diagnose ADHD and/or Autism.

Step 2

Coffee and Laptop in Bed

After 4-6 weeks you will receive a comprehensive report from the psychologist.  The report will also be sent to your psychiatrist for medication review and diagnostic confirmation.  Most people will use psychiatrists through tele psychiatrist, but our psychologists also work with other private psychiatrists from around Australia.

The report provides the psychiatrist an accurate summary of the patient’s clinical history, psychological functioning and advice around ADHD diagnoses, meaning that they are able to diagnoses quickly and accurately.

Completed report

Step 3

Working from Home

How do I get started with a psychologist?

If you would like to book an appointment please email

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